Wirelesscoin will be one of the few cryptocurrencies with potential for real world use, as against other coins which are all designed just to trade and make more Bitcoin and have not hope of ever being used for anything in real life.

The coin will be a fascinating idea for people who are willing and open to an experiment like this: The creation of a new cryptocurrency to finance the birth of a Bus Travelling Time Machine.

Wirelesscoin will be a real wonder of science and become the most significant coin history has ever known. It’s a massive project that will have a communication protocol that will developed to transmit mesages securely. from the present to the past and future.

It has been proven that time travelling is theorically possible, with the ability to cause paradoxes. We’ll invest the Wirelesscoin and pay Scientist, Manufacturers etc. Although before building the Time Machine, we will need facilities like garages, stores, material, Quantum Computers, etc.


Wirelesscoin is an assetchain a special form of cryptocurrency with a fixed supply built in dPoW to Komodo chain. This essentially means that Wireless Coin (WLC) is an assetchain on top of Komodo

Komodo and all the assetchains share the same wallet: Agama (previously Iguana)

Wirelesscoin is in this multiwallet called Agama (available on Win, Linux and OSx) can run every coin compatible (most of them potentially) in 3 modes. Full, Native, and Basilisk.

  1. Full is a Agama implemented alternate core (ex a BTC client rewritten from scratch by jl777 that permits to sync BTC blockchain in terms of hours instead of days)
  2. Native is using the standard daemon of each coin
  3. Basilisk is the light wallet mode. In this mode, you don’t have to download the blockchain to use your wallet. It connects to the notary nodes that are the backers for this service.

The main functionality of the Agama wallet is as a gateway to the whole network of crypto currencies like Wirelesscoin, The first assetchain create on top of Komodo


Wireless Coin White Paper on Time Travel
Author: Sherm77, Minister of Research & Science

Time travel - who hasn’t considered it? “I would change my life if I could go back in time!”, “What if we could kill baby Hitler?”, “Could I be my own grandpa?”. Time travel is the ability to transport yourself bodily to another time, before or after the current time, and live to tell about it (at least that’s our goal). You that are reading this paper are time travelers - we are always moving forward in time one second per second. Now to perfect moving forward and backwards faster or slower than 1 hour per hour or 1 year per year!

Past & current research: